Monday, July 9, 2012

Replacing Bad Habits with Good Ones (Cause Water is Yucko!)

So. . .every Monday is a new week and I have a tendency to hit things full-force on this day and then be exhausted by Tuesday.  Not this week.  I am taking things slower and setting realistic goals for myself. I thought I would share some of those with you. Whether you want them or not. :)  So here goes......
Don't you just adore these Ecards?!  They make me happy.  And this time, give me a bit of inspiration.  This exact conversation seems to be one that I have with my hubby on a weekly basis.  Especially this week, since we just planned a family vaca 45 days away.  On a beach.  Where little clothing is involved. It might be just the added push we need to get serious about our health for all the vain, petty, wrong reasons.  But yet, an added push. :)  So here's so looking hotter in 45 days in South Padre!
This week will be an effort at replacing bad habits with good ones.  I've learned a bit about myself in this whole process.  I can't take something away from myself without replacing that loss with a new gain.  A healthier gain.  So this week, I am giving up soda. Seems like a small enough goal, but you have no idea how much I rely on my caffeine to get me through the day without killing someone!  As I take that away, I am coming up with new ways to learn to like water.  Cause let's be real. . .it's just not as exciting and fulfilling as a good cola. But water it is for me for awhile.
This is one idea that I found on Pinterest. Get a water bottle that keeps track of your water intake.  It may even help to write times and amounts on the water bottle so that you are breaking up your goal of intake down into increments. Small goals are always a lot easier than larger ones.  I want to consume 8 glasses of 8 oz. of water per day so that means I need a water bottle that can hold 64 oz.  Once I drink the whole bottle, I've reached the goal.
This is another idea that I've found that has helped me bigtime in the water-department of things. I constantly keep hair bands on my wrist (in case an emergency ponytail is needed!).  I started keeping eight of them in varying colors on my wrist and taking one at a time off as I finished another glass of water. This has helped A TON cause it's a constant visual reminder of how much left I have to drink. If you are anything like me, water just doesn't "wet your whistle".  A little advice. . .MIO. It's a lifesaver.  There are so many flavors and they are small enough to keep in your purse and squirt into a bottled water on the go.  I don't know how I would stomach 8 glasses a day without this wonder-liquid. Gracious Mio!  (a free plug for your product!)
I just love this quote.  So true.  When life seems like too much to handle and I plead with my hubby to take the kids and let me hit the neighborhood for a run at dusk, I feel a temporary escape from my world off perpetual mommyhood. I run and I feel free, even if only for a short time.  Its rejuvenating and allows me to fall back into the mindset that I can and will do this life excellently. That each day is a fresh start to try to get it right this time. I need that moment daily.

And so, as you tackle your Mondays. . .do it whole-heartedly! Do it with everything in you! You can be better than you were yesterday! :)


  1. I too had the goal of drinking 64 oz of water a day, and I also am not a big fan of water. One of the first things I did when I set out on my fitness journey is I stopped drinking soda. I was addicted to Vanilla Coke. It was hard at first because I wanted something that tasted better (and I have not exactly found a flavor of MIO I liked yet).
    I went from drinking nearly no water a day to doubling that at least. I found that I still cannot drink 64 oz., because let's be honest, that is a LOT of water for somebody who barely drank any water to begin with. Also, I have work to get done, and peeing every ten minutes is so inconvenient and quite tiresome.

    So my goal now is not to drink 64 oz. of water, but to drink more than I did. I found that having a water bottle (like the Ice Mountain 23.7 oz. bottles) that has a sipper on the top makes it easier to drink a lot of water. If you are constantly sipping, you don't feel like you are drinking so much.

  2. You can do it! When I don't want water, I throw in some lemon or lime... it actually makes me thirstier, and so I drink more! Really helps when I'm dehydrated, but not motivated to take care of the issue.