Friday, August 10, 2012

Reasons I Run. . .

Sometimes, all you need is a little visual stimulation. Here's for those days. 
The following are reasons that I run. Every day. 
They may not make sense to everyone, but they make sense to me.
They make a difference in my ongoing decision to RUN. . .
To keep training for that elusive marathon idea.
I know it will happen someday. 
I'm not proud of my before pics. They are quite repulsing.
But someday, I want to look back on them fondly and think to myself,
"Whoa, you sure came a long way!"
 Is it totally vain and conceited that I want to be a "bikini-clad mom"?
Oh, well, that IS the case.  And I will get there. 
Unfortunately, it may not be this beach vacation, but the next one. . .
Oh, it's most certainly ON!
 I cannot count how many times I have lost the weight
only to have it come flooding back
because I was careless and didn't take care of my overall health.  
The changes that I'm making this time are for long-term results.
Running AND nutrition.  It's the only way this will work.
 You know I'm right.
 I'm a happier girl after my runs. 
That's putting it simply. 
The high I get from all the natural endorphins are way better 
than the temporary high of an energy drink. 
 A bunch of you friends can relate to starting something and not finishing.
My follow-through has always been a tad broken.
This goal with NOT be one of those. 
I run because I want to prove to myself and others that I can.
 Wouldn't this be fun?
So many of my friends are personal trainers. 
I have no intention of starting a business like they have. 
More than that, I want to be able to give advice to the people I care about most.
Advice that comes from trial and triumph. 
 I regret every day that I don't run.
Every. Single. One. 
I see it as a missed opportunity to add progress. 
 I'm so tired of clothes shopping and not finding anything to fit my body type. 
I used to love heading into those dressing rooms, arms full of clothes 
and swimsuits. I loved buying things that expressed my personality.
One of these days I hope to experience that again.
 All my fellow moms know exactly what I'm screaming here. 
26.2 miles of peace and quiet, 
rocking out to your own music,
basking in your own private thoughts without the 
constant interruption of little people demanding more and more of you. . .
Running is heaven on earth. 
The longer my runs, the longer I get to reside there.
I see glimpses of the me that I can become just by accomplishing this one goal in my life. 
Being proud of oneself is something that cannot have a price tag attached to it.
It's gold.  It's priceless.
Far too few times in life do we have self-defining moments.
Most of the time, we get lost in our days, 
our routines, our responsibilities.
Reaching your dreams brings you out of the ruts and into the spotlight,
even if only for a moment. 
I run for that moment.

Keep on, Keeping On Amigas!
And shed some insight into some of YOUR reasons for running: 
I'd love to hear them!

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