Monday, August 13, 2012

When It's Hotter Than Hot. . .

Have you seen the temps in the Midwest lately?  Oklahoma City, I kid you NOT, was hotter than Death Valley, California nine days out of ten the last few weeks! Here's a little snapshot of our prior week:

Our Oklahoma Governor, Mary Fallins issued a news release last week asking Oklahomans to pray for rain. She wrote:
“I encourage Oklahomans of all faiths to join me this Sunday in offering their prayers for rain. For the safety of our firefighters and our communities and the well-being of our crops and livestock, this state needs the current drought to come to an end. The power of prayer is a wonderful thing, and I would ask every Oklahoman to look to a greater power this weekend and ask for rain.”
CBS News sheds light on just how intense the weather has been:
For 47 straight days, temperatures in Oklahoma City have topped 90 degrees. There has only been one day below 100 so far this month, and it’s expected to top the century mark through at least next Friday.
This summer’s searing heat is setting new records. This month alone high temperatures have been tied or broken over 800 times.

I don't know about you, but this is so discouraging when all I want to do is go for a nice, brisk, cool morning run when I wake up. Even then, at 6 a.m., we are looking at 95 degrees! No bueno. My fitness/run goals have been hit and miss, to say the least.

I hope the weather where you are is a bit more reasonable, but if it's not, you can take some of these ideas that I've (with the help of Pinterest!) come up with to stay cool and beat the heat!


One of my personal favorite things to do when it’s hot outside is to visit my local park, which happens to be right next to a lake. I usually round up the kiddos, grab a large sheet, and sit right next to the refreshing water. If you’re feeling particularly brave, go ahead and jump in –the water might be a bit chilly, but wouldn’t you rather take a dive than sit there letting your make-up melt off your face


Fill ‘em up with water and stage an epic fight. A water balloon battle in the backyard is a fun and an inexpensive way to cool down fast. And it’s perfect if you have kiddos –or are a kid at heart!


If you rely on your trusty air conditioner and are in search of something to do when it’s hot outside, consider kicking back and relaxing. Mix a fresh pitcher of iced tea, crank up your new summer playlist, and delve into the romance novel you’ve been meaning to read for the past month. Or, take a cue from yours truly and watch “Law and Order” reruns. They don’t disappoint (believe me, I know).


Though I’m in my thirties, I’ve never quite gotten over the girly greatness of a sleepover. Get your best friend or sister on the phone and tell her to check out a few flicks on her way over. Meanwhile, order delicious take out and get your nail polish ready. It’s going to be a long –and chill– night!


One creative thing to do when it’s hot outside is to sign up for your very own blog. For me, it all started last year on a miserably boring September afternoon and a simple account. Today, I have a few hundred regular readers and a parenting/health blog I update every other day.  Blogging about your passions can lead you to scoring a job doing what you love. Plus, it’ll improve your writing skills and help you make valuable friends and connections. Pretty good for a hobby, no?


Lots of ladies know that online shopping is a wonderful thing, especially when you do it with your gal pals. I’d use the heat as an excuse to hit up my usual haunts for summertime essentials –and since you have time to kill, don’t forget to check to save a few bucks.


No oven needed! From refreshing smoothies to mouthwatering pies and everything in between, there are countless recipes out there. I’d start with for some healthy (and not so healthy) sweet treats that’ll help you beat the heat.


One thing to do when it’s hot outside is to hop in your air conditioned car and walk around a local museum or aquarium. It’ll help you stay cool and learn a few neat facts that you can brag about. After you’ve taken a peek at all you can handle, treat yourself to a fresh smoothie at the local caf√© or a mani/pedi at the nail salon. Don’t hold back girl –you deserve it!
These are only a few of the coolest things to do (pun intended) when it’s hot outside. I won't pretend that I haven't escaped to the beach this week. . .the hubs and kiddos and I are on our way to South Padre Island, TX to lie on the beach and rest and relax for 8 glorious days! But if I were home, I would be taking advantage of any/all of these ideas.  Which ones will you try? Do you have cool-down methods of your own? Do tell!

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