Monday, May 21, 2012

On Your Mark. . .Get Set. . .RUN!!

Before I get started on how my first run went, 
let's take care of some less appetizing business. . .

So here's the real deal-y.  I plan to post pictures
 (as I've threatened previously)
of the month-to-month progress. 
I'll post these photos on the 20th of every month. 

Photos will likely be enough to give all you "child-less" amigas 
enough birth-control to last years to come. Go on and get those chastity belts ready! 
Kids did NOT do this body good! 
I'm a bit embarrassed to post them at all, so please, if you leave comments,
they had better be of the "you don't at all look like a beached whale!" nature
or I may start running in a full-on hajib for the duration of my training. 
What a sec. . .that may not be a bad idea. . ..I'd definitely "glisten" more. . .
I could certainly be onto something here.
Anywho. . .pictures. . .Lordy, the before pictures. . .
Without further ado
 (unless of course, you have some -ado, then by all means, 
don't let my rushing around to show you half-naked pics of my
 flabby booty get in the way. . .)
Here's the horror and reality of my situation: 
Shock and awe, right?!
I know, I hide it well!  At least that's what I tell myself!

Now I know it's not nearly as bad as some other's situation.
But it's still a "situation" to me.
One that I'm asking God to help me overcome, starting right now.

And now for DAY ONE:
I won't be posting about every single one,
 so please don't get scared off just yet.
But today was a milestone. 
It seems that day one is always the most difficult
for any new project or exercise regime.
Mine was a doozy.
You see in Oklahoma, I woke up to this today:
Not exactly the first morning run I had envisioned. . .
I don't even own a pancho.
But I strapped on the sneakers and set out.
And I found in the process of my belly-aching about perfect running conditions
 that I quite like running in the rain!  Who knew!  
It's like one giant sprinkler follows you around as you burn calories! 
So from now on, on days I have a longer run
you might find me washing my car the night before. 
We all know that will bring the Oklahoma showers!
The run itself was marvelous. 
60 seconds of jogging then 90 seconds of walking.
Repeating that for 20 minutes. 
I got tired of counting in my head instead of enjoying the music in my ipod
so I started a new method. . .
walk during the verses of songs, run during the choruses.
It did the trick nicely.
Day One down and I'm still excited about this project.

Now I need a nap.
Happy running fellow couch potatoes!


  1. I'm just going to say, seeing on facebook that you ran this morning motivated me to get out and ru...I mean, walk quickly. I did jog a few times. And it wasn't raining here, but it is freaking hot in the desert. Anyway, I have Couch to 5K on my phone, it says "Start running" at every run portion, then "Great job! Now walk." when you switch back. (Don't you love that?) Maybe there's one out there you can use to help keep track of the intervals?

  2. I have an Ipod that I may be able to download that app. So many people have recommended it today! Good for you too! I'm more determined than I've ever been. Glad I could inspire! :)

  3. Big round of applause from me, lady!!!! Seriously, you rock! In my last post I mentioned how I use my blog/facebook to motivate myself...well, you hit the nail on the head, I just wish I had the confidence to do this! I just may run tomorrow now :) keep it up, cant wait to watch your progress!

    1. Thanks Katie! Having people tune in to see my progress may be just what I finally need to commit and not back out! Thanks for the encouragement!