Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Plank This!

No, No, No.

In case you're wondering if I'm going to be posting every flipping day. . .
the answer is No.

I blame this overzealous gesture a result of a  brand-new obsession because I'm still a bit giddy about this new goal in my life. I'm sure the excitement of this new relationship that I have with running/health will wear off any day now and what you will be left with is the regularly scheduled 3x a week posts that I originally had planned.

So have no fear. You are in no way obligated to read this little ditty.  It's just a bonus. :)

We were just playing in the backyard this afternoon in our birthday suits and decided to work a little "planking" in.

(Let me clarify that horrible visual picture I just painted!. . .I have two toddlers. THEY were the ones hanging out in the buff in our backyard wading pool---because hey. . .
who doesn't love a quick skinny dip?!  I, however, was fully clothed, watering the yard, when I felt the urge to not let my "day of rest" from running slip by without getting a slight work-out in.)

So we "planked". . . . .All over the backyard.

The boys decided to take a break from the swamp water they had created and join me on this little work-out binge. I truly wish that I had someone snapping pictures of this from the sidelines. I can only imagine how funny it would have looked to the neighbors were they to peep a grown woman in this position:

with two little men on either side of me with their bare booties stuck up in the air!  It had to look ridiculous!

And then. . . . I'm glad that there are no pictures, because that could be considered "child porn" and I don't want my new exercise regime to get me thrown in the slammer.  So do me a favor and forget that I told you about this whole ordeal.

You can just picture me planking in my backyard, congratulate me for taking every opportunity today to promote good health, and maybe work in a few planks yourself somewhere.

Even if you're at work or out in public.  Go ahead and plank in the breakroom or at the shopping mall. Send me your "planking" photos. No matter what you have going on today, Plank On, dudes.


  1. I laugh, but partially because my daughters (who are 4 and 6) join me when I plank and look the same way! I will admit, though, we are all fully clothed and in the living room of our apartment.

    1. Well Jacqui, clearly you don't know what you're missing by planking in the nude. It was a riot. You should try it sometime soon! LOL :)