Thursday, May 31, 2012

I Pooped

oops, I meant I am pooped.
Huge difference, I realize.
(I will be more careful next time.) 
When I say that mustering up the will to get out of bed
today was difficult. . .that would be an understatement.
My alarm went off.
I growled and hit snooze.
And I thought that would be it.
I didn't realize that my mind would wake me back up
at 7:30 reminding me that I have a host of new friends
who would be disappointed if I quit so soon in my journey.
And for what. . .more sleep?!
I am such a slacker.
So up I trudged.
But NOT because I was excited about my run this morning.
Out of pure obligation.
Don't worry, I promise I won't take it out on all of you.
My attitude was put in check as I headed out the door.
It was like God knew I needed an extra boost.
The air was chilly and wind was plentiful this morning.
There was a light mist in the air as I started down the street,
and just when I was getting good and hot, 
a few tiny sprinkles would fall on my head.
It's the little blessings in life.
But really. . .
When is this added gumption and energy supposed to kick in?
I thought you exercise to gain more energy for the day.
I'm pooped, friends!
Severely exhausted all. the. time.
I'm drowning myself in water, running 3 days a week,
(my thighs STILL look flabby, dangit!) 
and I'm not seeing the results.
Ok, couch potato. . .It's only your second week. . .
But for reals. 
I'm trying really hard to not be over it.
I know this will have a huge pay-off in the end.
(I know I'll be "runner-skinny" eventually.)
And I know that I'll be proud of myself at the finish line.
But today. . .
Today I am exhausted.
But I did it.  
So I'm also content.

What have been your biggest struggles on your 
fitness journey? 
How did you push through?


  1. Congrats on pushing through and going for a run anyway! Read this once: You cant get much done in life if you only work on the days when you feel good.

    1. Thanks for sharing! I really like that!

  2. Way to go get it done! Honestly, even after 2+ months of running, I still have to drag myself out of bed some days. And there are days when there is no amount of dragging that will pry me out of bed. But if I know that I HAVE to meet a goal... like if I have an upcoming race, it becomes easier to get up and do it.

    1. True. My first race is about 7 weeks away so I guess I don't see it as right around the corner. I'm more a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda gal. Thank you for the encouragement.