Monday, June 25, 2012

Choosing LIFE over Laziness

It's Monday.
But I'm trying to overlook that. 
It's a brand-new day.

I realized this morning that I have exactly 20 days til my 5K race. 
My palms are sweating just thinking about it!
I'd really like to run the whole thing
But let's be real peeps, I have not been running like I should.
I'm really trying to push past my plateau this week.
Things have been hard on the home-front
so running has not been too high on the priority list
under birthday parties,
husband's business trips,
and Mothers/Father's day events.
It's been a bit hectic.
But I'm desperately trying to overcome the funk.
If I waited til I "had time to run", I'd never do it.
I realize that now. 
It's all about priorities.
Let's just say that I have lost sight of my priorities a time or two.
You make time for what you value in life. 
I've valued things that don't matter for too long.

I've valued relationships that were completely unhealthy.
I've valued "relaxation" over perservearance.
I've valued food over nourishment.
and while I'm on a role. . .
I've valued the internet over my kiddos.
Blogging over quality time with my husband.
Trashy t.v. sitcoms over my relationship with God.
Laziness over Living.
It's such a vicious cycle to get sucked into.
I think we all do it. 
Some of us just have more self-motivation
and some of us need others to help pull us out.
This sister needs a drill seargent for life!
Apparently, I'm not self-motivated.
So if I could get one of you hard-core, fitness-driven people 
(who also has a thing for cooking healthy foods)
to come move-in with me and take me on as a personal project,
I would GREATLY appreciate it.
I would be the biggest challenge of your life!
Cause I'm wearing myself out! Ha!
But seriously. . . 
It's a brand new day.
Another one.
Each and every day that you open your eyes.
A day for new decision-making.
One small decision at a time. 
Get up and GO or get an extra hour of sleep...
Eat that donut for breakfast or whip up some oatmeal and fruit...
Sit on the couch or go outside...
Watch your kids play or play with them...
Say yes or no to your present self.
Because the choice determines who your future self will become.
Today, I'm choosing differently.
Just for today.
It's a brand new day.

What choices will you make today that will determine tomorrow?


  1. You can and will do this! I love the quote "Make one good decision. Now make another one." It's such a good reminder to take everything one chunk at a time, and that we have the power to change ANYTIME we want, not just at the start of the week. This is your week!

  2. just found your site! love it! im a christian as well as an avid bachelorette watcher :) loved your recap! i also run half marathons! check out my blog at