Monday, June 11, 2012

Cupcakes and Running Nude with a Potty-Mouth

I love the quote that says, "If you are tired of starting over, stop quitting."
Can I get a T-shirt design, please?
And yet I struggle with this on a daily basis.
One of my biggest faults is over-commitment and under-follow-through.
It's a curse, really.
(and I'm pretty sure a tad genetic.)
One thing I'm not going to do is lie to you and tell you that I ran last week.
At all. . . not One. Single. Time.
It's pathetic.
I did so well during week one and two and didn't miss a single run.
Then I totally drop the ball on Week Three.
It's not like I didn't have a ton on my plate:
Potty-training my three-year-old is proving to be harder
than nailing jello to a tree.
We're making 20-minute sprints to the bathroom, underwear flying
Only to have pee and poo splattered all over my tile floors,
and tiny baby bottoms. . . and my hair.  
(Don't even ASK me how that happened.
 It was a seventh world wonder experience, I assure you. )
While we're talking about WONDERS, 
I'd like to use this platform to point out that part of my sleepless nights
have been spent cheering my THUNDER team to greatness
Western Conference Champions, baby!! 
Also. . . 
One of my bestie's is having a baby, so I've also been staying up
til ungodly hours of the night making baby blankets
and scrapbooks and teeny-tiny-baby-bikini onesies.
Going to bed at three when you're supposed to be up to run at six
does not, I repeat NOT a cheerful mommy (with motivation to boot!) make.
And just to add nonsense to my already chaotic excuse,
I had nothing to wear.
No really. . .I hadn't done laundry in three weeks.
I'm not so sure running nude through my neighborhood is even allowed.
So I quit.  Just this week.
And hated myself for it. 
So many of you were very encouraging.
Telling me to pick myself up and start over.
That's the reason I decided to do this little blog.
The accountability is just what I needed.
If you haven't joined any of our conversations, you can do that here:
I'd love your support and inspiration in doing just that. . . 
Starting over.
Here I go, Week Three!
Alarm clock, get ready for a pounding!
I'm going to give it my all this week. 
I'm going to Run, Run, Run my little heart out!
In a sports bra and shorts cause laundry is done and the nudist lifestyle is not longer necessary.
You're welcome.
And on an equally serious note, 
We're all going to go pee and poo in the potty this week.
(This is my wishful thinking, although I can assure you that I will go in the big girl potty.)
All systems are officially a go for a Do-Over Week Three.
There is only 5 weeks left before my 5K race.
Heaven help me!
Send me your prayers and your well-wishes, friends!
(and cupcakes, if you've got em.)


  1. Just keep going! A do over is TOTALLY allowed! And sometimes necessary! Better than having the joy of running stolen out from under you! :)

    Semalee @ Nailing Jello to a Tree

  2. You got this! RUN! RUN! RUN! :)