Monday, June 18, 2012

God or Another Rock Anthem? That Is the Question.

What kind of runs do you do?
Do you pop in the ear buds and turn up the volume 
and completely groove out to pop music?
Do you listen to audio books to keep your mind entangled?
Some people listen to sermons or tutorials as they "press on" for motivation.
I hadn't found my "niche" as they say.
Until today.
Today. . . . . . I listened.
I realized awhile back that running isn't as enjoyable as I had hoped.
It's taking a lot of perseverance to keep it up.
I love the high that comes right after--
knowing that I accomplished a great work-out.
But some mornings I just don't have the "get-up-and-go".
(Hence my two-week running strike.)
Here I am, back in the saddle though.
And I had a breakthrough.
A moment of enlightenment, if you will. 
One that many of you probably have come by a lot easier than me.
After blowing through play list upon play list 
and coming up bored and unmoved,
I decided today, I would 
P R A Y.
I've used my running moments this way before.
But instead of talking so much,
today, I listened.
I plugged in the Pandora to worship music
(which I've found doesn't naturally make me want to run faster)
and listened.
I have a lot in my life that I'd like to hear from God about.
A lot of questions.
A lot of internal struggles.
A lot of unresolve.
Apparently, it's not that He wasn't speaking;
I feel that sometimes, I don't hear because I haven't stopped talking.
(Story of my life, just ask my husband.)
So I ceased. talking. altogether.
And I heard.
Thank you God, for meeting me on my run.
For speaking so clearly.
For knowing what my heart needed to hear.
Best 20 minutes in my training so far
and definitely a practice I will continue.
Pop princesses and audio books are good distractions.
But for clarity,
I highly recommend listening.
"Does a body (& soul) good"
(yes, I went there. LOL)

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