Monday, June 4, 2012

Storms, Inclines, and 6 Miles, OH MY!

I realize that I was supposed to run this morning.
Really I do.
But cut a sister some slack today, will ya?
My poor legs are still recovering from the weekend.
You see, the hubs and I went to Roman Nose State Park for some childless R&R.
However, that's not what we got.
We set up camp and had lots of talk time around a bonfire,
but once we were good and asleep for the night, severe weather rolled in.
(That's Oklahoma for ya!)
We're talking lightning, thunder, rain, and strong winds.
In a tent. . .I'm not thinking so!
So we retreated to the back of the jeep and that's where we stayed til the morning.
Let's just say, I didn't sleep fabulously.
I feel as though my hips will never be the same.
I did however get up and go running first thing.
All by my lonesome.
It was bittersweet.
The "wind sweeping down the plains" was mixed with running
up and down our state's mini-mountains.
I realized why I love a treadmill.
Inclines (especially natural ones) are not my fave.
But I'm pretty proud that I got my final run in for Week Two. 
(May I have a round of applause, please?!)
After breakfast we decided to start a day of hiking.
This is the hubster's outdoor love.
I've chosen to try to love it too.
We still have a love/hate relationship though.  We're working through it.
The hike was about 6 miles. 
All but 10% of it was barren, cacti-covered wasteland.
We affectionately named it "Sunburn Prairie". 
Don't get me wrong, it was a good day.
We had some spectacular views of the lake and mountain ranges.
And some forest exploring to find some beautiful natural springs!
Ice cold water was Definitely what we needed
After our 100 degree day!
But I have to say. . .I prefer running.
On my nice, FLAT neighborhood streets for exercise. 
My legs are still quivering at the thought of Week Three training,
But we'll tackle it tomorrow. 
Today. . .
Today the only running I'm going to be doing is after these two beauties:

Get it this week, amigos! I plan to also!!!

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  1. Yay week 3! Way to go getting out to run even on a getaway weekend when you knew you would already be hiking. That takes some dedication.